Domestic Arrival International Arrivals
  • Arrival at the airport
  • Claim the luggage
  • Departure from the airport
Arrival at the airport:

If the plane stops at the boarding bridge of the terminal, please walk to the luggage claim hall through the second floor passage.

If the plane does not stop at the boarding bridge of the terminal, please take the shuttle bus to the terminal and walk directly to the luggage claim hall.

Claim the luggage:

After entering the terminal, you can refer to the arrival guide sign in the building to go to the luggage claim hall. In order to ensure that your luggage is not picked up by mistake, there will be a staff at the exit to check your luggage tag/number, please cooperate.

If you have any questions, please go to the luggage inquiry counter

Departure from the airport:

After picking up your luggage, you will enter the arrival hall, where you can meet with relatives and friends. Out of the arrival hall, you can choose airport bus or taxi to leave the airport.

Warm Tips:

In order to protect your legitimate rights and interests from infringement, please do not accept the service of personnel without airport work certificate or wearing forged certificate, or please do not take the vehicle without operation qualification and asking for passengers without permission. You can choose to leave the airport by taxi or airport bus and so on.

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