Airport facilities and services
  • Luggage trolley service
    Luggage trolley service

    Xiaoshan Airport provides you with convenient luggage trolley service. A large number of luggage trolleys are placed in multiple areas of the terminal to provide you with free use of luggage trolleys.

    There are two types of trolleys in the terminal: large trolleys and small trolleys.

    At present, there are about 2000 large trolleys with a maximum bearing capacity of 120kg. Such large trolleys are mainly placed outside No. 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13 gates of the domestic terminal and outside No. 1 and 3 gates of the international terminal, and the domestic and international arrival luggage turntable area.

    There are about 1200 small trolleys with a maximum bearing capacity of 80kg, all of such small trolleys are distributed in the isolation area, mainly located in the hall after passing the security inspection on the departure floor and near each lounge bridge on the arrival floor.

    For your safety, please do not sit on the luggage trolley. Children under 1.2m in height shall not use this trolley. Please do not put heavy objects on the trolley frame and handle at the front of the luggage trolley.

    How to use large trolleys:

    Large trolleys have their own brakes, press the trolley handle with both hands: free to push

    Trolley handle lifting: trolley stops moving

    How to use the small trolley: the trolley can be pushed freely without brake;

    Please put your hand luggage on the bracket under the basket.


  • Luggage packing service
    Luggage packing service

    For safety of your luggage, there are luggage packing counters at No. 3 gate of departure hall on the second floor of international terminal and No. 7, 11 and 13 gates of departure hall on the second floor of domestic terminal. The charging standard is described as follows:

    1. Charging standard for general luggage packing:

    ① For luggage with a volume of 20cm × 40cm × 55cm or less, RMB10 will be charged per piece-time;

    ② For luggage with a volume of more than 20cm × 40cm × 55cm, RMB 15 will be charged per piece-time;

    ③ Special packing cartons are provided: large cartons: RMB 15/carton, medium cartons: RMB10/carton, small cartons: RMB 5/carton;

    ④ Ice bags and bubble film are provided: ice bag: RMB5/bag (20cm × 12cm), bubble film: RMB5/piece (60cm × 80cm).

    2. Packing charge standard for the "automatic film sealer":

    ① For luggage with a volume of 20cm × 40cm × 55cm or less, RMB15 will be charged for each piece;

    ② For the luggage with a volume of more than 20cm × 40cm × 55cm, RMB25 will be charged for each piece;

    ③ RMB5 for each handle.

    Business hours: from the check-in time for the first flight on the current date to the check-in time for the final flight on the current date

    Service Tel.: 13996795588   Complaint Tel.: 96299


  • Multimedia phone
    Multimedia phone

    Nearly 70 multi-media telephones, IC card telephones and other communication tools are provided in each area of the terminal. Among them, a number of new type multi-media public telephones at No.3 terminal can provide free local calls and Internet services.


  • Drinking water service
    Drinking water service

    A number of self-service water dispensers are set up in the terminal, covering the passenger concentration area in the building. Including: 

    There are 33 direct-drinking water dispensers at the domestic terminal and 11 direct-drinking water dispensers at the international terminal. The self-service water dispenser can provide you with direct-drinking water at two different temperatures, i.e. constant temperature water and hot water, and at the same time, the disposable paper cups will be continuously provided for your use.


  • Medical service
    Medical service

    Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport Medical Emergency Center (Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport Sub-center of Hangzhou Emergency Center) is subordinate to the airport emergency support department. It has four medical points, namely the emergency center, T1 terminal emergency room, T2 terminal emergency room and T3 terminal emergency station, all of which are on duty for 24 hours. Emergency facilities and equipment shall be configured in strict accordance with the requirements of the national standard the Emergency and Rescue Facilities for Civil Transport Airports (GB18040-2008). There are 2 emergency warehouses, and 8 portable ventilators, 13 external defibrillators (including 8 monitoring type defibrillators), 10 portable aspirators and other emergency equipment are provided. There are 4 recovery rescue vehicles, 2 transport ambulances and a number of advanced vehicles rescue equipments. At present, there are 32 employees, including 16 doctors, 8 nurses, 2 medical technicians and 6 ambulance drivers. Among them, there are 18 employees with intermediate titles and 10 with general practitioner qualifications.

    The emergency center is responsible for the emergency and rescue within the airport perimeter and within 8 kilometers from the center point of each runway of the airport; it is responsible for the classification, on-site treatment and evacuation of the wounded in the emergency rescue; it is responsible for coordinating the local emergency support work, cooperating with the on-site disposal and prevention and control of infectious diseases; it is responsible for medical aid for the travel passengers (in charge of the emergency visit of the passenger), the delivery and transfer of the critical passenger, SOS medical assistance. The emergency center performs the airport flight safety support (special aircraft support, aircraft fault support) and emergency rescue, emergency rescue management, emergency rescue training, emergency rescue drill, emergency equipment management, etc.; the emergency center is responsible for the medical outpatient, retiree medical patrol, health consultation, staff health examination, disease control, patriotic public health campaign committee, family planning, etc. in the field.

    The emergency center pursues the core value of "professional, initiative, efficient cooperation and ability first"; does well in emergency rescue of aircraft emergency and non-aircraft emergency in time and quickly, and provides all kinds of high-quality medical services for the vast number of passengers and on-site personnel; takes the emergency subculture of "professional, high efficiency, rapid response, comprehensive coordination and innovation" as the guide to carry out in time and effectively airport emergency rescue work, improves the emergency rescue skills, avoids and reduces the casualties in maximum degree, and escorts for emergency rescue work.

    Address of emergency room of terminal: T1 emergency room: opposite to departure gate B12 of domestic terminal; T2 emergency room: Room 3080 at the restricted area of international terminal; T3 emergency room: opposite to departure gate B23 of domestic terminal

    Emergency Tel.: + 86 571-86662120

    Emergency center 24-hour duty Tel.: + 86 571-86662316

  • Luggage storage and lost and found
    Luggage storage and lost and found

    The airport provides luggage storage and lost and found service. The luggage storage is located at the back of check-in island F in the departure hall of the terminal; the lost and found office is located opposite to gate 12 in the arrival hall of the terminal and behind the information desk in the arrival hall.

    How to charge for stored baggage: within 8 hours (including 8 hours): RMB10/piece; 8-16 hours (including 16 hours): RMB 15/piece; 16-24 hours (including 24 hours): RMB 20/piece; if more than 24 hours, the price will be accumulated according to this charging standard.

    Working time for the luggage storage is 06:30-23:00, and the contact number is 83837005

    Working time for lost and found desk: 08:15-21:45, and the contact number: 86662530; 96299


  • Foreign currency exchange
    Foreign currency exchange

    We offer exchange for 20 kinds of currencies (such as RMB, US dollar, Hong Kong dollar, British pound, Japanese yen, euro and so on). There are three branches in the airport providing foreign currency exchange services.

    Location: near gate A02 of restricted area for departure of terminal A, opposite to the tobacco and wine duty free shop    


    Business hours: 08:00-23:00

    Tel.: + 86 0571-86660580

     Location: opposite to gate 2 of the arrival hall of terminal A, next to FamilyMart convenience store

    Business hours: 08:00-23:00

    Tel.: + 86 0571-87663395

     Location: near gate 12 of the arrival hall of terminal B, opposite to the lost and found desk

    Business hours: 09:00-22:00

    Tel.: + 86 0571-82912250   


  • Transport Service Center
    Transport Service Center

    The transport service center (TSC) is located in the arrival halls of terminals T1, T2 and T3 of the airport, and provides passengers with "one-stop" services including public transport consultation and guidance, traffic ticket purchase and other land side integrated services. Tel.: 0571-96299.


  • ATM

     At present, 4 banks have ATMs in the airport terminals to facilitate your travel. The specific location is described as follows:

    ATM of ICBC 

    Location: the first underground floor of the domestic terminal

    ATM of the Bank of Hangzhou

     Location: in the middle of gates 11-13 for domestic departure

    Location: behind check-in island D

     ATM of the Bank of China

    Location: near gate 11 for domestic departure

    ATM of China Construction Bank

     Location: near gate 11 for domestic departure

    Location: near gate 3 for international departure


  • Airport Police Station
    Airport Police Station

    Procedures for handling temporary ID card for boarding at the terminal police station 

     If your valid ID card is lost, damaged or expired, you can go to the airport terminal police station to apply for a temporary ID card for boarding.

    Service location: right side of security inspection channel at gate 9 of domestic departure hall of the terminal

    Tel.: + 86 571-86662253 86662581

    Procedures for handling the temporary identity certificate for boarding

    Application: Fill in the Application Form for Passenger’s Boarding Temporary Identity Certificate: A: basic household registration information; B: reason for application and safety commitment.

    Provide 2 one-inch bareheaded and colored photos with white background.

    Acceptance: For the passengers who meet the application conditions, the card handling staff will accept the application and issue the acceptance receipt; for the passengers who fill in the application form unclearly, the materials are not complete, the photos are not standard and the quantity is not enough, they will be required to make supplements and corrections; for the passengers who do not meet the application conditions, the card handling staff will not accept the application and explain the reasons.

    Review: identity review. According to the information of the household held by the working organ, it will check whether the real identity of the passenger is consistent with the identity filled in by the passenger when he/she buys the ticket; conduct security review. Check whether the actual performance is consistent with the passenger's commitment.

    Issuance: The police on duty shall put forward opinions on certificate handling according to the review; the leaders on duty of the police station shall put forward opinions on examination and approval after the review; the certificate handling personnel issues the certificate.

    Collecting the certificate: The applicant collects the "temporary boarding certificate" with the receipt, and signs on the application form.

    Self-service temporary boarding certificate processing point:

    Beside the information desk at T3 departure floor

    Beside the airport police station certificate service office at island E at T3 departure floor

    Terminal police station

    Location: the duty room of the terminal police station is located on the right side of the domestic security inspection channel on the second floor of the terminal.

    Tel.: + 86 571-86662253

    Police call Tel.: + 86 571-86662110 

  • Broadcasting service
    Broadcasting service

    The airport broadcasting room provides information (related to the flight arriving at and departing from the airport) broadcasting services for passengers. In case of flight delay without exact departure time, flight information will be broadcast every 30 minutes. In case of alternate flight, via the broadcasting, it will notify the passenger to make clearance and handle the relevant procedures. And it will provide all kinds of temporary broadcasting services (such as looking for a person).

  • Information service
    Information service

    Counter inquiries

    The airport has five information counters in the lobby of the terminal to provide various advisory services and convenience services for passengers. These information counters are respectively located opposite to gate 3 of the international departure hall (near the entrance of the international departure hall), between gate 5 and gate 7 of the domestic departure hall, next to gate 11 of the domestic departure hall, next to the lost and found desk of the domestic arrival hall, and opposite to the security exit in the control area of terminal T3.


    Telephone inquiries

    Travelers may dial airport service hotline for relevant information.

    Airport service hotline: 96299 

  • Transfer Service
    Transfer Service

    Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport launched a "convenient transfer" service for domestic flights. For domestic arriving flights, passengers need to transfer from Hangzhou Airport to other domestic airports can enjoy convenient transfer service at the airport. This service will greatly reduce the time of claiming baggage and rechecking by returning to the departure floor. All base airlines will follow up and launch this service as appropriate. Hangzhou Airport mainly provides convenient transfer service for passengers whose domestic arrival and departure flights are on the same day and the interval between two flights is more than 90 minutes. The airport has set up “meeting points for domestic transfer passengers” at the bridge of 49 contact stands. If your arriving flight stops at the contact stand, you can make a transfer request to the staff at the transfer meeting point of the bridge, and the staff will immediately provide you with the transfer service, therefore you can complete the transfer procedures within the bridge to achieve "gate-to-gate" transfer, which is still first-of-its-kind at inland airports. If the arriving flight is at a remote stand, you can go through the transfer procedures at the "Transfer Service Counter" opposite to the B08 baggage carousel in Terminal 3.

    In addition, Hangzhou Airport has launched a "rush transfer reservation" service for passengers with insufficient transfer time. For passengers transiting at Hangzhou Airport, if the interval between the preceding and following flights is less than 90 minutes, they can call the airport transfer service department in advance to make an appointment. The airport will try its best to provide passengers with advanced services such as printing boarding pass, checking baggage transfer in advance according to the real-time operation of the flight.

    The booking number of urgent transfer is: 0571-83837194

    Reminders: 1. Follow-up flights out of Hangzhou involve passengers from Air China and Xiamen Airlines, and it will be temporarily unable to provide "convenient transfer" service. 

    2. The “convenient transfer” service operates as usual during the epidemic. Please understand if the service cannot be provided due to epidemic prevention and control, restrictions on the destination airport, etc.

  • Terminal Opening Hours
    Terminal Opening Hours

    Opening hours of entrances and exits of the terminal

    Due to epidemic prevention and control, the current opening hours of the gates of the terminal are as follows:

    Departure floor:

    Doors 3, 7 and 11 are open 24 hours a day;

    Gate 9 and Gate 13 are open from 4:30 to 22:00;

    Gate 1 and 5 are closed.

    Arrival floor:

    Gate 4, 6, and 12 are open 24 hours a day;

    Gate 2, 10, 14 and 16 are closed;

    Gate 8 is the entrance of the airport bus stop, and the gate is opened and closed according to the operation time of the airport bus.

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